PRECISION — Design-Build Electrical Systems.

Plan, Prepare, Act...


Design-Build Electrical Contractor

Cambas Electric Inc. specializes in Design-Build Commercial construction projects. We determine the electrical specifications, layout, configuration, and power requirements in-house to generate a comprehensive electrical system design. Once the design is finalized, our build team precisely executes the design.

Generac Power Systems

We have partnered with Generac Power Systems to offer clients a full range of Generac standby generators. We have installed Generac Power Systems large enough to power a hospital and economical enough to power your small office. Install a Generac Power System and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities when other companies cannot.

New Construction

Although we really enjoy designing electrical systems for new buildings, we have significant experience building designs that we did not create. Businesses need the right space in order to thrive, and we are proud to be able to contribute to such success. 


We have completed projects ranging in size from 300+ room hotels to small retail buildouts to 100,000+ square foot refrigerated warehouses to light manufacturing facilities. We have the experience and flexibility to design and construct the perfect electrical solution for your building.